Amels Audio Mastering Level And Phase - MLP

For Professionals Only

Mastering Level And Phase (MLP) is a two rack space miniature mastering console complete with a CRT phase scope.  The MLP utilizes the highest quality switches and components in an all class-A discrete design.  It features both balanced XLR main and monitor outputs.

The MLP allows for both channel level and phase balance as well as overall gain adjustment.  Gain adjustments are made via ultra high quality Swiss made, gold contact, Elma audio rotary switch attenuators which provide minimum distortion.

The channel balance many be monitored from a separate set of monitor outputs.  The monitor outputs’ functions are controlled by a phase check switch which allows for monitoring the difference signal of the left and right channels.  The same switch also provides a mono check facility.  The monitor functions do not affect the main outputs.
An interesting feature of the MLP is its flexible all-pass filter.  Using this filter, it’s possible to correct errant azimuth settings for tape transfers and other phase anomalies found in masters.  This filter may be switched into the left or right channel using one of the  high quality illuminated Switchcraft switches.




specifications subject to change