Amels Audio Parametric Equalizer Type 1101

For Professionals Only
The Type 1101 is a two rack space mono parametric audio equalizer featuring the highest quality switches and components in an all  class-A discrete design.  Unlike other parametric equalizers there are no potentiometers, only high quality Swiss made, gold contact, Elma audio rotary switches for frequency and gain controls.  Discrete switch positions make this equalizer ideal for recalling mastering settings.

 The many frequency bands are as musically useful as they are plentiful.  A unique, scalable mid-band section allows for the choice of 63 different frequencies covering a range of  15 Hz to 20 KHz.  Six different Q selections (from 0.5 to 5) are also available for the mid-band section.

 A twelve dB per octave Low Cut and High Cut filter is also available in the Type 1101.  These high-pass and low-pass filters each have seventeen selectable corner frequencies.

 Also included in the Type 1101 are both Bass and Treble shelving filters.  Each shelving filter has two selectable corner frequencies and is capable of boosting or cutting the program material by +/- 10 dB.




specifications subject to change